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Creating Home Page

The home page is specially designed page to display the content without any sidebars. The content added to this page will be displayed to the full width. To Create the home page follow these steps :

Create Home Page

  • Go to DashboardPagesAdd New.
  • Enter the Title for the page.
  • Choose the Home as the page template from template drop down list.
  • There is little tweak creating a feature rich home page. You may either add the normal content at the content area or make use of the page builder and add the custom page builder components to create a feature rich page.
  • To add the custom page builder components Follow this Documentation Link.
  • Once done adding the necessary contents to your page Publish/Update the page.

Home Page to display at front

  • Go to DashboardSettingsReading.
  • Set Your homepage displays option to A Static Page.
  • Then from down below Homepage drop down list, choose the home page you’ve created using Home page template.
  • Once done, Save the changes.


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