This article will cover some ways to create the best WordPress site for you or your client. Note that the term is create and not develop, as website development is only one part (the most important part) of the whole process.

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Creating the Best Website in the World Is Impossible

Before the tips, let’s make one thing clear, the best site in the world doesn’t exist, the options, aspects and preferences are many, not to mention the platforms and the web itself with all its dynamism. Each individual identifies with a form, medium, usability or visual, saying that this is the best platform and that this is the best site, ends up being just an imposition of point of view. It’s like saying that such a sport or sportsman is the best, there’s no way. But let’s get to the tips:

Have Goals and Work On Them

It’s no use running if the direction is uncertain, it’s necessary to have goals to create the best site. Working on the goals is a daily practice, after the goals are outlined, it is necessary to know where you want to go, how, by which path, using which strategy and another set of pertinent information for digital marketing work or not. Every WordPress site can integrate an easy integration with Google Analytics, Using GA or another tool to understand the behavior and the performance of your WordPress site can be the first step to chart your road to the goal.

One more thing, don’t be discouraged, remember that every road is winding and full of ups and downs.

Define Your Website Features

Every website has its purpose, defining what your WordPress site will do for you and your user is directly linked to your business and communication goals. These are the functionalities that offer differentials in the use of the website for you and users, from a simple automatic filling of the address by zip code to a complete automation of SAC. Find good development support to make your ideas work on the web and that each new feature brings new benefits to your site.

Innovation Must Come In Doses

Divide your actions into short, medium and long term. Start doing what’s necessary, then do what you can, and soon you’ll do the impossible. Even if the world doesn’t end tomorrow, we live in a time when change happens overnight. You will hardly create the best website overnight, start doing what you can do, but with quality and focus, in the certainty that your website will be able to receive new and better implementations or you will have to redo everything, every time to try to change or improve something.

That’s why we say start slowly doing what is necessary, observe what is possible to be done soon and set as a goal, and soon you will notice the universe of opportunities that WordPress.

Look for Reliable Support

The perfect thing would be that all supports were reliable, after all they are activated when the customer needs it most.

There are companies and professionals focused on WordPress all over the world, this is one of the advantages of using an open source platform, if it doesn’t work with a development company or freelance developer, you can look for other options. If you allow me a piece of advice, run away from the “Master of the Magi” support, which talks to you in code, is never with you on the journey and when you need it most it disappears.

Every day that your website doesn’t work is a little more that you fail to earn, not to mention many other problems that may arise. That’s why research, search, create and maintain a good relationship with your support.

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Focus on Usability

Everything gradually evolves for the best use of human beings, houses, cars, hand tools, work environment. With websites it is no different, we currently live in an era where anyone can access the web wherever they are.

By the way, are you reading this article on mobile or desktop?

Having a responsive website today is the least you can offer the user. Having an attractive look that is not aggressive, with buttons and shortcuts that facilitate the navigation and sharing of your content, whether it is a product or not, makes your brand closer to your customer.

Watch the Image

To understand the importance of the image in a blog post, you must first know that it is one of the basic criteria for interacting with your audience. As well as links from other posts, keywords, tags, titles, H2, strong tag, tag in, alt attribute and other basic actions for good user navigation and to improve the organic positioning of your website or blog in WordPress. Certainly image is not “all” we should lean on, but its importance to SEO is something to be considered very closely.

Never Stand Still

The world has become very dynamic and no one else can conform or feel comfortable with what they have, because soon they won’t have it. That’s it, you sat down to rest, lost your place in line, so the last tip to have a better website is to never stop improving the website, your business and your market vision:

  • Study – It is clear that today it is immensely easier to get information and learning via the internet, so use it for that.
  • Reference – Every day there are several names of specialists and supposed specialists on the internet, dosing the information you receive is essential so as not to waste time with bullshit.
  • Refer – In the same way you receive content, you must offer it. This is the way to specialize more and more in what you do and become an authority on the subject.
  • Periodic technical care – Your site is a durable good and as such it must receive periodic care or you will end up leaving you like a car that has never been overhauled.
  • Everything Again – This whole process is cyclical, it should be repeated, revised and improved whenever possible, just like your own business.